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We value your hard earned money that’s why till we find a secured way, we offer cash on delivery (COD) for every purchase you make with us. This not only secure your money, it also enables you to look, feel and evaluate product's quality physically before you pay for it though feel your presence at our showroom while sitting at your home or office, no charges will levied on any returns occurred during (COD)

Wide range of products

About us

We are new, that's why we are sincere and will be... because we will remain always new...

We are new for our business but have experience of two decades to serving our abilities. We believe in transparency, so, we say what the fact is. We have quality, that's why we are expensive, however, we always keep in mind that not everyone can buy expensive things, so, we have some cheap goods too, that is because we wish to serve you all, so we have a few affordable collections too.


At the beginning you might see a limited collection with us, but we are growing, still growing and will grow always to serve you something newer and better than ever.


Currently we offer Novelties, Spiritual gifts, birthday & return gifts and round the clock impatiently looking for more affordable quality Cutlery, Glassware, Artificial Jewellery, Clothing & Accessories, Wall Arts and of course Books also for your provisions.


We have only one store and a web store front, however you may also find us on a few marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm and so on, but there we provide national deliveries so we offer some different discounts. If we are located at your door, if you live near our store, we are one of you, so, we offer some special discounts to you because when we sell on our store we only include our establishment expanses on our offerings to provide you affordable goods.

Here you CAN find diversified range of Gifts, Spiritual gifts, Novelties,  Arts, Books, Glasswares, Cutlery, Artificial Jewellery, 
Clothing & Accessories. (depends on availability)
[A FEW of them are available Now]

Secured shopping experience

Compatible Price

We sell the products of our own brand and we do believe in change thus we do so, we offer diversity in our products by repeatedly bring new things for your convenience. Before commencing this job we were just like you, so we are, thus, we understand your requirements and that helps us to take right decisions of your requirements while we make purchases for you.

We understand the value for money that's why when we buy things we think just like you does. We look for uniqueness and evaluate the Quality Vs Price to perform a perfect buying, so we bring the most cost effective quality products for you always